Hello and I bid you welcome!

I think we all can agree that life and the world can be quite mysterious. We all come from all different walks of like and all parts of the world, but what brings people like us together is our love for all things magical, mysterious, and anything that keeps us pondering the wonders and journeys that is life, things that are often brought up in art, music, and literature!

I'm delighted you're here. As a creator of Celtic-Folk Rock, Fantasy inspired music, and Dark Fantasy/Historical Romance Fiction. and I wanted to expand upon the feeling and mood into other items we might typically use, love, and enjoy. I also chose the name Antiquity & Illusion because I love the idea of blending the past with the present. Life can be a long journey, so why not bring magic to it? 

As I expand this shop, I welcome your feedback, reviews, and photos of you with the music, books, and items! 

Thank you for the support, and for making this community even better by being part of it all.